Impex Enterprises is exporting handicraft products of different natural materials, such as korai grass, palm leaf, sisal and banana fibre, terracotta, and mixed, environment-friendly products made in ecologically sound and sustainable conditions worldwide.

The traditions of India include handicraft, cottage industries, the handicraft weaving industry, pottery, but due to lack of proper export facilities, India’s heritage/handicraft in the world market is on the way to extinction today.

We constantly work to exhibit India’s traditional handicraft through to the whole world by procuring multi-traditional handicraft products produced across India.

We export handicraft Products as per our client’s specifications and requirements. We supply fiber made handicrafts, iron planters, napkin holders, table coasters, designed wall clocks, wooden planters, pottery and terracotta and natural grass & leaf made handicraft products. acts as a bridge between entrepreneurs from many districts around India and we export Indian handicraft, evergreen talent, culture, innovation to many countries in order to delight our customers around the world.

Impex Enterprises works to represent handicraft products, innovation, customs, culture and race tradition, which is the reflection of multi-cultural products of different states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Kannada, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat to expand the export market by engaging local supplier with our international buyers of various countries around the globe.

Impex Enterprises receives a considerable positive response from our international buyers for Indian handicrafts. We have been exporting handicraft products worldwide for years. India is being appreciated by those countries for our quality, decorative, nice handicrafts for the Global Market. Let’s build a strong economic partnership.

We are working to encourage & train small & medium entrepreneurs (SMEs), removing all the obstacles to attract the international market by bringing back the reputation and tradition of the country. We are providing full-fledged facilities of 24/7 customer care support to the handicraft product suppliers. By exporting your handicraft product to international buyers, you can become a successful entrepreneur with less time and cost.

Some famous handicrafts of South Indian heritage, like korai grass made handicraft products, palm leaves made handicraft products, sisal & banana fiber made handicraft products & terracotta made handicraft products. If you want to experience these nice quality handicrafts first hand, you should visit to view the products.

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