Palm leaf Craft is a rural handicraft item. It is made out of palm leaves from the area where palm trees are grown in abundance.

Palm leaves are sun dried for 2-3 days and split in 3-4 standards and further dried to make hand made products

The weaving of these products is simple with twist and turns.

Palm leaves are used widely for making baskets, boxes, trays, stationary items and assorted items like laundry bins, purses, coaster, rattle, toy box, agarbathi box, bottle holder etc. Several rural communities are engaged in the art of making highly attractive and artistic items out of Palm Leaves. These are also used to make small boxes, where miniature kitchen kits and toys are placed, for children to play with.

Oval Tray (M1)

Oval Tray (M2)

Boat Tray

Fruit Tray (M1)

Fruit Tray (M2)

Fruit Tray (M3)

Fruit Tray (M3)

Round Box (M1)

Round Box (M2)

Round Box (M3)

Round Box (M4)

Round Box (M5)

Pen Stand (M1)

Pen Stand (M2)

Shopping Bag (M1)

Shopping Bag (M2)

Shopping Bag (M3)

Hand Fan

Hand Fan - Bamboo

Hand Fan - Palm Leaf

Fruit Box

Sweet Box

Set Box


Kids Pouch

Kids Purse

Infant Toy (M1)

Infant Toy (M2)

Tea Mat (M1)

Tea Mat (M2)

Table Mat

Flower Vase Bouquet

Tray With Handle


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